“Thank you for helping my son achieve entry to James Ruse.” – H.Wu

“Without a doubt, this school is great. Changed my entire perspective for the subject and essentially acted as the catalyst for my passion in English! Just completed my HSC Extension II major work and without early nurturing by the SSE, I wouldn’t have enjoyed creative writing as much as I do today.” – J. Lin

“I am extremely happy with my son’s Selective School results, which would not have been possible without your guidance.” – A. Someshwar

“If it hadn’t been for your classes, I doubt I would’ve made it into a Selective School.” – J. Gu

“Without your help, I would not have been able to achieve a Scholarship to PLC.” – A. Fang

“We appreciate your support for our son who recently won a writing competition at Trinity Grammar.” – E. Yang

“The Sydney School of English has played an important part in my success. I definitely recommend that others go there.” – C. Purvis

“By the grace of God, our son has been offered 4 full scholarships and we believe that none of it would’ve been possible without the help of the SSE.” – W. Tran