Trained in the United Kingdom and Australia, Jill is a both a Director at the Sydney School of English and the Principal of the SSE Burwood campus.

Although having taught all levels from Junior Primary to High School, Jill’s passion lies with Upper Primary. In addition to teaching, she has also studied Law and worked in film and television. In her free time Jill likes dancing and ice-skating but, most of all, cuddling her dog, Ralphie and cat, Lola! Jill’s students get regularly entertained with humorous stories about Ralphie and Lola as well as anecdotes about her son, Marty, a Newington College alumnus, now currently studying at The University of Sydney.

With a cheerful personality and the ability to communicate with ease, Jill is popular with students and staff alike and in testament to this, her classes are consistently full term-after-term. The most rewarding aspect of working at the SSE for Jill is seeing students flourish into confident, capable independent writers with a love of language.

Besides being at the helm of the SSE Burwood, where she teaches on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, Jill also continues to teach Upper Primary at the SSE Mascot on Mondays and Wednesdays.