Terms of Enrolment


•     ‘Applicant’ means ‘Student’ and vice versa and is the person                named as the student on the “Student Enrolment Application”              form.

•     ‘‘Parent(s)’ means ‘Guardian(s)’ and vice versa and is the                      person responsible for the applicant’s wellbeing as required by          law.

•     ‘Client’ means the ‘Parent, Guardian and the Student.

•     ‘SSE’ means “Sydney School of English Pty Limited”.

•     ‘Staff’ means all persons employed by the SSE.

•     ‘Agent(s)’ means all persons appointed to act on behalf of the              SSE.

Upon signing the Student Enrolment Application, you hereby agree to the following:


a) The term “Confidential Information” means all material and information which is provided to the Client by the SSE;
b) The Client understands and acknowledges that the Confidential Information has been provided to the Client for the exclusive use by Client in participating in the SSE’s education programs;
c)  The Client understands that the SSE has invested


significant time, effort and expense in developing the Confidential Information, and that the Confidential Information is a valuable, special and a unique asset of SSE;
d)  The Client therefore agrees to hold in confidence and to not disclose the Confidential Information to any person or entity without the prior written consent of SSE.
e)  All Confidential Information shall remain the property of SSE, and the Client shall have no right to use Confidential Information except as required by the SSE.
f)  The Confidential information must not be sold, duplicated or copied, plagiarised or misused in any way, such as in sharing the Confidential Information with competitors of the SSE;
g)  The SSE ensures that all information provided by the Client to the SSE, for the purpose of enrolment, is considered Confidential Information (Subject to Clause 1.).


a)  The Parent must accurately complete the “Student Enrolment Application” form before enrolment can commence;
b)  The Parent must provide details of any medical condition(s) that may hinder the student’s ability to take part in lessons, or that may endanger other students at the time of registration, and on an ongoing basis new medical conditions must be disclosed;
c)  The Parent agrees that failure to provide accurate medical conditions may result in enrolment being denied, rejected or revoked;
d)  Should the Student change address at any point during attendance, the Parent agrees to inform the SSE;
e)  SSE accepts no responsibility or liability for inaccurate information provided by the parent or guardian on the “Student Enrolment Application”;
f)  The Parent(s) accept that the student is not enrolled until the fees (Clause 2) have been paid in full;
g)  The Parent must sign the “Student Enrolment Application” before the Student can participate in class;
h)  By signing the “Student Enrolment Application” the Parent agrees to the conditions herein and those written in the “Homework Policy” (Clause 13) and “Behaviour Policy” (Clause 17).


a)  Fees are as advertised on the Timetables;
b)  Fees must be paid in full by commencement of the course. Weekly payment is not available;
c)  Students must pay for a full course except when the Student is unable to start at the beginning of the course;
d)  Personal cheques will not be accepted if there is less than five (5) working days before the course commences;
e)  A fee of AU$50.00 will be applied if a personal cheque is found to be dishonoured;
f)  Students may be removed from class where a dishonourable cheque has been provided as the fee;
g)  All courses incur a full 10-week term’s fee except where stated on Timetables;
h)  All students must pay in advance to secure their place;
i)  Late enrolments incur an additional materials fee of AU$5.00 for each week that has been missed;
j)  Withdrawals from courses will incur a AU$5.00 per week
materials Fee for each week of attendance and an administration fee of AU$25;
k)  All Fees are non-negotiable. Repeated attempts to negotiate or barter any fee may result in enrolment being refused or revoked;
l)  All Fees include G.S.T.


a)  Discounts are limited to one per person and NOT per course;
b)  Discounts are non-negotiable;
c)  Discounts are not available for classes which are less than 1¾ hours duration;
Early Bird Discount
d)  Expiration dates of the Early Bird Discount will be strictly adhered to;
e)  SSE will pay the Early Bird Discount at the time of enrolment;
f)  Fees must be paid in full, prior to the expiration date, to qualify for the Early Bird Discount;
New Student Discount
g)  SSE will pay the New Student Discount at the time of registration;
h)  Fees must be paid in full before the course starts to qualify for the New Student Discount;
i)  Only new students are eligible for a New Student Discount;
j)  Returning Students are not new students unless a period of more than two (2) years has passed since the Student’s last
k)  SSE will pay the New Student Discount at the time of registration;
l)  A pro-rata New Student Discount will be applied to late enrolments, based on the number of weeks remaining in the term.
Duplicate Course Discount
m)  Any student enrolling for a course they have received before, a duplicate course, is eligible for a Duplicate Course Discount of 50% of the full fee as long as the course is taken on a day nominated by the SSE. Classes with expected waiting lists, for example, are not available for anyone repeating a class;
n)  Any student may choose to waive the Duplicate Course Discount in order to guarantee a placement;
o)  Where the Duplicate Course Discount has been waived the full course fee is applicable.


a)  The Cash Back amount for introducing a new student is given to the person who introduces the new student;
b)  The amount will be given in addition to any discount received after the new student has paid their enrolment fees in full;
c)  The person who introduces the new student must be currently enrolled at the SSE;
d)  The person who introduces the new student must provide the new student’s full name and the full name of at least one parent of that student;
e)  The offer applies to classes of 1.5 hours or more per week only;
f)  Names cannot be nominated retrospectively.


a)  Please choose your course carefully. Once your enrolment has been processed we cannot refund (either in full or in part) your course fee. SSE does not accept responsibility for changes in your work or personal commitments that prevent the Student’s attendance;
b)  SSE operates a strictly non-negotiable, no refund


a)  If you choose to withdraw from a course before the course has started, you must inform the SSE at least 7 days in advance of course commencement to receive a full credit;
b)  Withdrawals of less than seven days prior to course commencement will be eligible for a full credit minus a AU$25 administration fee;
c)  Credits must be used within 12 months of the original credit date;
d)  Credits are not transferable to other students unless agreed by the SSE;
e)  Credits are non-negotiable;
f)  Discounts are not credited under any circumstances.


a)  All cancellations will incur a cancellation fee of $50;
b)  SSE reserves the right to deny, reject or revoke enrolment at any time;
c)  In the case of a cancellation, the cash back, discounts, cost of materials and school folder will also be applied as a cost to the cancelling Student.


a)  Students, who wish to borrow from the library, must pay a deposit of AU$15;
b)  Book(s) must be returned within four (4) weeks of borrowing;
c)  Book(s) must be returned in the condition of which they were borrowed. Failure to take reasonable care of the borrowed book(s) may result in library access being revoked, and the deposit being withheld for use in replacing the damaged book(s);
d)  Only two (2) books may be borrowed at a time;
e)  Book(s) must be returned to the campus from which they were originally borrowed;
f)  The deposit will be refunded upon the end of enrolment (subject to Clause 9c);


a)  The Parent will ensure that the student arrives on time for the beginning of class;
b)  The Student is required to bring their SSE folder/binder for every lesson;
c)  The Student will arrive with any writing aids as necessary. (pencil, rubber, etc.);
d)  Parents will provide snacks and drinks for class intervals if they deem this to be necessary for their child. The SSE is unable to provide Students with food at any time;
e)  The Parent will ensure that the student is collected at the stated finishing time of the last class their child has enrolled in.


a)  Whilst the SSE will endeavour to provide make up classes for students who have missed a class due to illness or any other acceptable reason we cannot guarantee that a makeup class will be available;
b)  SSE accepts no responsibility for a student falling behind the course activities due to absence;
c)  Students, who have missed a class, may make up that session by joining another class, if one exists at the same level, and depending on the availability of places;
d)  Students who miss classes are not given a credit towards the following term’s fees;
e)  Private classes are not provided for Students who have missed classes;
f)  Private classes are not available under any circumstances.


a)  Classroom access will be provided approximately 5 minutes before the class is due to begin;
b)  Classrooms must not be used as waiting rooms or eating areas by parents or students unless permitted by SSE;
c)  Parents that are asked to leave, must leave immediately.
e)  Only SSE staff, who have a valid ‘Working With Children’ authorisation, and students, are allowed into classrooms;
f)  Parents may enter classrooms if invited or approved by an SSE staff member.


a)  By signing the “Student Enrolment Application” Parent(s) agree to comply with the Homework Policy (Click here to read in full).



a)  All educational material has been developed by, and is owned exclusively by, Sydney School of English Pty Limited. Under no circumstances should this material be duplicated, sold or transferred to any other party.
b)  Sydney School of English Pty. Limited maintains ownership of the material without limit of time;
c)  You accept that infringement of these material conditions will result in a breach of copyright laws and that you may be subject to legal proceedings;
d)  All educational material is subject to Clause 1.


a)  Whilst SSE teachers are trained to the highest degree they do not have time to mark ‘extra work’ from other schools, clubs or coaching schools. Please do not ask an SSE teacher to mark any other work from external sources as refusal often offends.
b)  The Client accepts that the Fee is for the enrolment of a course, not a particular teacher and understands that, while the SSE will endeavour to provide the same teacher for the duration of the term, this may not always be possible.


a)  Younger students should not be left unattended until such
times as classes are accessible;
b)  Students are not permitted to leave the school during intervals or lunch breaks;
c)  Whilst the SSE endeavours to make students aware of the dangers of leaving the immediate area of the school, it is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the student abides by this condition;
d)  It is not advisable that younger students leave the school unaccompanied.


a)  By signing the “Student Enrolment Application” Parent(s) agree to comply with the Behaviour Policy (Click here to read in full).


a)  Any student found to be maliciously damaging any property belonging to SSE may be removed from classes;
b)  The Parent of any student found to be maliciously damaging property belonging to the SSE will be responsible for costs associated with the repair or replacement of the damaged property
c)  The Parent or guardian agrees to pay the above cost upon request and without incident.


a)  Although a small number of Parents may choose to wait for their child during classes, it is a requirement that they do not peer through classroom windows as this interrupts the lesson;
b)  Parents must not wait outside classroom doors;
c)  Parents must not wait inside classrooms or inside the reception area;
d)  Parents accept that failure to comply with these conditions may cause a safety concern with fire exits being blocked;
e)  Parents must keep the noise level to a minimum when waiting outside.
f)  Parents must accept that the area outside the classrooms is public property and if the group becomes too big, or obstructive, the SSE, neighbouring workplaces and the Council are within their right to remove all people found to be preventing public access.
g)  Any parents found to be consistently peering through classroom windows may be asked to move away by a member of SSE staff;
h)  The Parent accepts that if they choose to not move away from windows, classrooms or exits, the student of the parent or guardian may be removed from class until such times as the parent or guardian complies with the request;
i)  Parents acknowledge that whilst they may choose to wait outside the SSE premises they may be required to comply with additional instructions delivered by an SSE staff member, a Council member or another tenant within the premises.


a)  The SSE may, from time to time, offer further promotions. Any promotional activity within the school may have a full list of additional terms which will not conflict with the terms herein.

For your record, a hard copy of these terms will be provided upon enrolment.



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