Selective School Preparation

Sydney School of English is the specialist in Selective School Preparation.

It is rare, perhaps even unheard of, for an SSE student not to do well in the Comprehension, Writing and General Ability (currently 60% vocabulary) sections of the Selective School Test. In these areas, students of the SSE consistently out-perform others.

The result is that the overwhelming majority of SSE students are currently being offered places in the top Selective Schools, such as:


•  James Ruse Agricultural High School

•  North Sydney Boys High School,

•  Normanhurst Boys High School

•  North Sydney Girls High School,

•  Hornsby Girls High School

•  Sydney Boys and Sydney Girls High School

and many others…




By following the SSE’s uniquely developed, intensive, creative writing and essay writing programs, the students become adept at manipulating an impressive array of higher order writing skills to absorb a reader.

After mastering these writing skills, the students participate in the SSE’s Speed Writing course. In this, a wide variety of potential writing questions are practised in the requisite 20 minute time frame.

In addition, the SSE offers: Intensive ComprehensionIntensive Vocabulary, Formal Writing, included in our “Other Text Types” program (newspaper reports, book reviews, letter writing), Personalised Writing (planning, structure, style, plot or topic) and Selective School Past Papers.

Topping this off, is a program of Selective School Trial Tests where all the components are combined to produce candidates who are more than ready for future entry to a top Selective School.

All students are required to complete the SSE’s end of term assessment. A report is then provided for the parents or guardians.