Scholarship Preparation

The Sydney School of English is the specialist in Scholarship Test preparation.

The SSE’s Scholarship Test Preparation course ensures that, each year, more than a quarter of our students are offered 100% scholarships to Sydney’s most elite private schools:

•  Sydney Grammar

•  Newington College

•  The King’s School

•  The Scot’s College

•  Ascham

•  Kambala and Pymble Ladies to name but a          few.

The scholarship test can be viewed primarily as a test of English. The most widely sat test is set by the by Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).  This test differs from the Selective School Test in that it has two Writing Tasks, but no General Ability component. It follows, then, that the SSE’s students are ideally equipped to, and do indeed, gain the majority of the scholarships available.




In preparation, the Creative Writing, Speed Writing, Essay Writing (Persuasive Writing), Intensive Comprehension and Intensive Vocabulary courses are essential.

In addition to these courses, special Trial Scholarship Tests are offered, with all three elements being covered: Humanities (English), Mathematics, Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2.

All classes are available throughout the year both in our termly, and holiday programs.

It goes without saying that the SSE students are excellently prepared and positioned to take the most sought-after, prestigious scholarships.

The SSE’s results speak for themselves.

An end of term assessment and report are provided.