Intensive Comprehension

The Intensive comprehension courses, Year 1 – Year 12, operate during the term and in some holiday programs. In the termly programs, comprehension is taught in the same course as Writing and Vocabulary. In the holiday program comprehension is usually a stand-alone course.

The SSE’s emphasis is firmly placed on the acquisition of reading and interpretation skills rather than on just practising tests. By focussing on skills, students accumulate understanding of reading concepts, which can be readily applied to new, unseen text types and questions. Comprehension means Understanding. It follows, therefore, that  to succeed in tests of reading comprehension  an understanding of how texts are constructed, and how language is manipulated, is fundamental to this process.

By studying the SSE’s writing programs, students who are using higher order skills in their own writing, are better able to recognise these in passages written by others i.e. the more demanding comprehension texts, such as those found in a Scholarship or Selective School Test.

The skills taught cover the whole spectrum of those required for tests such as NAPLAN, Opportunity Class, Selective and Scholarship places to High School.

From the literal to the literary type questions, from information reports to poetry, from ABC to HSC, the SSE offers comprehensive skills based courses.

Comprehension Skills:

•Implication and inference
•Finding the Main Idea
•Finding the evidence
•Drawing Conclusions
•Cloze Exercises (incl. Vocabulary, punctuation, grammar)
•Literary Devices
•Character, relationships, voice
•Tone and atmosphere
•Visual text analysis