High School Preparation

English is the only mandatory subject in high school. As such, it is crucial that students get off to the correct start with the New Australian High School English curriculum.

After completing the Selective School and Scholarship Tests, Year 6 students need to make the transition from primary school English to the more challenging demands of high school. Immediately, they will be introduced to such concepts as audience, purpose, context and themes.

The macro skills, particularly that of writing, will be taught following the new, school syllabus using both traditional and multimedia texts. As has come to be expected, the SSE’s delivery methods are both innovative and enjoyable, thereby stimulating and motivating students to ‘Rise to the Challenge’.

An end of term assessment and report will be provided using the NSW Common Grade Scale.

Parents, considering this course for their child, should speak to the SSE’s trained office staff about the most appropriate course of study.