High School English

The High School English program follows the new Australian Curriculum both in aims and content. It addresses the macro skills of writing, reading, speaking, listening, viewing, analysing, reflecting and creating. This is done across a wide range of classical, Australian and multicultural literature, and multimodal texts.

The focus is on the how and the what. In writing, for example, the goal is to teach students how to write for a particular audience, in a particular context for a specific purpose. This, the what, could take the form of:

• an essay (persuasive, informative, discursive)
• a narrative
• a speech
• a diary
• a report
• an editorial
• a feature article
• a poem
• a play
• a description

The language skills are taught in context using a variety of school based texts. For instance, a student may learn the skills of essay writing, through the study of Louis Sachar’s novel, Holes,  Shaun Tan’s visual text, The Lost Thing or William Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

It follows that comprehension and vocabulary are basic components of every course.

High School English is the first step on the path towards HSC.