Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling (Language Conventions)

Also known as Language Conventions (NAPLAN), the SSE’s grammar, punctuation and spelling classes (language conventions) compliment all aspects of creative writing and are available to all year levels from Primary to High School.

It is essential that proficiency and accuracy in these areas is displayed to demonstrate true mastery of the English Language.  Errors must be eliminated. No amount of language techniques can be taught to compensate for errors in the aspects of grammar, punctuation and spelling.


Primary School


In the primary department, the emphasis is placed on the teaching of rules in a graded, systematic, logical manner. Following the SSE’s meticulously-planned program, students develop a solid foundation after which their creative and essay writing can be appreciated. At Upper Primary levels students use more complex grammar to show such things as change of 


timing and setting, and punctuation to pace a reader and build suspense, in a narrative.


High School


In the high school and senior school, the focus of the grammar classes shifts to one of error correction. By this stage, many students arrive at the SSE with considerable gaps in their working grammar base and knowledge. This seriously affects their final writing output, their high school writing marks and their confidence.  The teachers at the SSE are aware of the common areas of difficulty and structure lessons to resolve these problems.

All teachers at the SSE are experts in this area of linguistics. They understand that it is not sufficient in high school to possess only a ‘colloquial’ knowledge of grammar such as many other outside ‘teachers’ have.

You will never hear, for example, an SSE teacher explaining a grammar query with, “It just sounds wrong.” And if you hear it elsewhere, take this is a sign that the person, or “teacher”, saying it, is unable to teach the concept correctly.